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Slipping into Sleep

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Hilary Jackendoff
Yoga Nidra, Meditation, & Sleep Expert
So often, we try to go to sleep at night in a state of tension, in a state of holding on... as a result, we toss and turn and sleep restlessly, if at all. This meditation is designed to help you let go of your day, drop all your tensions & worries, and slip into a restful sleep.
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Bedtime meditation
Wonderful guidance through a variety of breath work,noting and visualization. Her voice is very soothing. You truly will slip into sleep😴 . Ahhhhhhh
Slipping into sleep
I recommend this meditation when you are in bed for the night. Such a great guided meditation and visualization. Just what you need to help ease you into sleep.
This is my hands down favorite. The deep breathing puts me to sleep everytime - I am not sure that I have ever even heard the end of this sessions! Haha
Best sleep meditation
This is my favorite sleep meditation ever. It is so calming and it brings me such serenity before sleep.
Should have waited
The three kids are still active in the house and being loud despite my earpods. Wife’s in the master shower, and the exhaust fan in our bathroom needs to be cleaned and lubricated. It's noisy. Need to sleep because I have a follow-up business meeting tomorrow afternoon.
really helpful
this meditation is 16 minutes long, and I almost always fall asleep in the first five, so I thought I would share. Its very good!
Slipping into Sleep
What an incredible meditation to prepare your body and mind for sleep! Hilary does this meditation beautifully that is divided into various different methods designed to relax you. She begins by asking you to start counting backwards with your breath. The closer you get to zero, the more your body becomes relaxed. From there, you listen for sounds in your surroundings. Next, go into your mind and think of your thoughts as clouds floating in the sky. You acknowledge them, but let them go. I was reminded of another meditation called Leaves on a Stream, where you visualize your thoughts as leaves on a stream and watch them go by. Your mind begins to be calm. Finally, Hilary gives you soothing visualizations to focus on. By the end of this meditation, my body is full of warmth and tingling with sensations. My mind is calm and still counting the stars in the night sky! Sweet Dreams and Good Night! 😴
Walter J
I remember enjoying her voice for a minute or two... then 😴 ... and magically waking up in time to the last minute or two. Most definitely relaxing & enjoyable. I will try this one again soon & try to stay awake... or not... I mean look at the name! ❤️💤🍀
Omg I’ve noticed a difference in me I’m sleeping better and it’s really working for me 5 stars for me
Can’t sleep
I’m just not falling asleep even though I listen and rest with the meditation.
A lovely experience of peace and tranquility. You will find yourself drifting away slowly and being very relaxed.
A Lively Meditation
The visualizations were very lively. Thinking of a sunrise woke me up a lot. Thinking of a river or the ocean made me need to use the restroom. I love her longer sleep meditation, so I thought I'd try this one. I'll stick to the longer one. 🖤
I like this one because I can actually do the visualisations
I learned that if I can connect with the voice and the images it’s easier for me to lull off somewhere near sleep even if not completely