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Selves Inside Series - The Pleaser

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Life Coaching
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Jogen Sensei
Zen Teacher, Post-Monk, Parts Work Guide
In this Selves Inside talk, I paint a picture of the Pleaser. The Pleaser is that self/voice that is wholly focused on winning the approval of others, doing whatever it takes to be seen in a positive light. When the Pleaser is dominating our behavior, we tend to feel like we are neglecting ourselves and living inauthentically. The good news is that the Pleaser is only one part of us! Knowing it as only a part of us, new possibilities for our life open up.
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2 reflections
Good timing
Definitely serial pleaser here. But the last couple years have been an intellectual enlightening both on the count of mindfulness and pursuit of truth. Been at a job for years, and recognizing the pleaser the last couple years. Never really could get away. This past week I interviewed for the first time for a completely different career path, and I got offered the job. A week total for seeking and applying to hired. The pleaser is FREAKING OUT. 😂 it’s so true. I’m thankful for this lesson because now I can label this part of me that is panicked. Because the rest of me is like this is good. Thanks.
People pleaser
This was a great coaching session and definitely something I needed to listen and reflect on. I will be listening to this again to make sure I got all points.