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See Yourself Clearly

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Hilary Jackendoff
Yoga Nidra, Meditation, & Sleep Expert
This meditation is a self-inquiry practice, designed to increase self-awareness. See yourself clearly and deepen awareness of your patterns, habits and beliefs, so you can begin to accept yourself just as you are. From a place of deep self-acceptance and self-compassion, we can create real change in our lives.
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Am I ready?
I know that a change (moving) is coming; I’m not home yet. I know that I have a tendency to hide, or to run away. Reinventing myself at 60 years old has refreshed my mind and soul, and made me face difficult patterns. Today the question is: am I embracing change boldly or running away? I’m thinking maybe there is still a lesson here, that another year here will allow me to focus on the internal change before making another external change. As long as staying is not hiding and moving is not running away, I am growing. I hope I am seeing myself clearly.
Wow this meditation was deep for me. It made me realize there are a lot of questions that I am not able to answer about self. However I will ponder on this question until I can answer them truthfully. I am ready to learn the lesson.....I am ready for transformation 🤗💙
Profound questions
Really helps see things clearly. Would listen over and over as I feel there is more depth to discover.
Breaking Chains
This is a very deep meditation, but one that is necessary if we want to see change in our lives. I actually struggled with this meditation because going deep into my heart space, I found a pattern of mine that bothers me. I find that I begin to get anxious and a little stressed around this time of year because of birthdays and Christmas coming up. It isn’t about the money. It is finding that I give too much to people whom are not appreciative of what I give. Unfortunately, these people are in my own family! Sadly, there is rarely an acknowledgement of the gift given, let alone a thank you given back to me! It is very hard because there are children involved. Sometimes, I adopt the attitude that I will no longer give to them, but the generous part of me wins out. Thus, I end up giving anyways and the pattern continues. It is a constant battle within myself! I realize that I cannot change people. People are either grateful or they are not. How do I break these chains that begin to wear me down during this time of year?
Interesting timing
My great friend Cherish drew me to this meditation this morning. The timing is just about perfect for me! I’ve been struggling at home with my family lately, and had just this week decided that I’m calling a family meeting this weekend to discuss the stresses being laid on my shoulders! I need my wife and kids to acknowledge that I’m simply NOT the same person I was before my massive stroke! They treat me and attempt to use me as if I can handle everything in our day-to-day lives, be the head-of-household I was before, but I'm not! They see some things clearly enough, but I need to demand more leeway!
Transformation - the renewing of the mind
Transformation begins in the mind with a fixation on the creator allowing him to finish the process of creating us to become like him.
Today surprised me. I identified what it is in myself that I don’t like in other people. This snuck in. I did not expect the response to the question posed to me. Self reflection is so powerful when you allow true vulnerability and confront these items head on. Wow. I have work to do and I’m excited to get started on this angle I discovered today.
This short practice asked me difficult questions I needed asked. I found myself uncomfortable getting into myself. This practice was helpful.