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Reversing The Self-Sabotage

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Stephanie Lewis (NBC-HWC)
Mindfulness Teacher & Coach
How mean are you to yourself? We are often unaware of the negative self-talk going on in our heads. This recording discusses how it can undermine our ability to achieve our goals and have a sense of peace. A meditation practice can help increase awareness of negative self-talk. Loving-kindness meditation can help increase a sense of kindness not just towards others but for oneself as well. I invite you to visit my loving-kindness meditation on Aura as well: In peace and gratitude, Stephanie
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3 reflections
Self sabotage
Be aware of how you speak to yourself! It is amazing how critical I can be of myself. Time to believe in me
Self love
Rather than focusing on just loving others, focus on loving yourself. Then you can love others with integrity and your own self versus out of a need for approval.
Learn self kindness
Take time to notice negative self talk and check it’s truthfulness and frequency. Then decide “would I allow someone to be that unkind to a friend?”Meditate and practice mindfully being more kind to yourself.