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Releasing Anger To Find Peace

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In this meditation, I will guide you to recenter your being. If you are experiencing anger you should release it in a healthy way, don't you think? We often hear that we shouldn't make decisions when feeling angry. So join me in this journey to let go and dissolve all the negative energy stored in your physical and energetic body. As always I would love to read your reflections and If you need to talk to someone you can always reach out. Cata.
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You must accept and release
I am glad that I decided to do this meditations today. It has been a rough few days since my life has been altered to accommodate others. My anger has been getting really bad that it pains me physically and gives me anxiety. Instead of hyperventilating and going into a crying fit I decided to do mediation instead. Although it’s not completely gone, I have calmed myself down from my crying fit and feel better for now.
I feel this practice is a good way to release anger. I wish there were more of this in this medidation.
Very good
I learned a lot about how to handle anger The meditation is short and effective Perfect
I’m learning how to deal with anger I’ve struggled my entire life with it! Breathing and learning how to be mindful about what happened in my life and how it was really good and bad I’m starting to understand some things that were helpful.
Good meditation
I was feeling so upset and angry ANS then I realized that it’s all about relaxing and controlling my emotions.
I am feeling more relaxed and at peace with my emotions..
I learned that feel anger in my chest, throat, jaw, neck & shoulders. I found this to be an easy, relatable meditation to drop into. I have a feeling I will be returning to this meditation in the months/years ahead as I learn to allow myself to feel anger (and accompanying emotions!), not reduce their impact on my behaviour. Thankyou 🙏🏻🙏🏻
Release anger
I can feel the anger and let it go through breathing doing better each time I have the power to control my emotions I recognize and release all anger and frustration out of my body I feel at peace. Relaxed. Light. I know I am not the cause of someone else’s anger or frustration. I no longer own those. I release them. I am loved and cherished.
Releasing anger
I found it much easier to concentrate and not let the outside world in during this session than my last session. I will do these exercises when I feel angry and I will not let that emotion control me.
Release tension & anger
I had a lot of tension in my shoulders. Is releasing tension in allowed me to release any anger
Walter J
Great session about accepting we are human and are going to have the natural emotion of anger. Excellent session on teaching us not to hold it in or try to push it down but how to deal with it thru breathing and relaxing. I always loved 4 count breathing and this was an excellent example of using it to gain control of our anger and then to also tense and release. The imagery of your hands on my shoulders really made me aware with how much tension I was holding in them! Thanks for your guiding us Cata! Namaste ❤️☮️🍀
Donna Bella
Anger: This was really nice to listen to and realize it’s okay to get angry as ling as we deal with it in appropriate ways then let it go. I really like how this helps you to ‘breathe’ through it and
I learned that it’s okay to feel anger. Working through the emotion and then allowing the release within my body was very significant. I feel that this is very helpful. What a great way to deal with a tough emotion.
It’s ok to feel anger. I am learning how to stop, and think before reacting to my emotions
I am in control of my emotions and. An choose how I react - by taking a moment and breathing before responding
This calmed me. I lost my temper today. First time for a while☹️
I’ve come off the anti depressants. Looks like I may have to go back on them.
Stephie 💜
Anger management day #2
Yep went back and totally needed that! Thank you can’t wait for tomorrow’s class!
Reduced intensity
I can ignore anger inducing situations if I choose. I have to stop, walk away,breathe and re focus my energy to benefit myself.
Diffuse as anger comes
I deal with anger by storing it away until enough builds up and I let it spew out in fits. This may give me a way to diffuse it as it comes so there is no stacking effect.
I learned that it’s ok to feel anger and not to suppress it. It’s all about controlling how you deal with it.
I am learning it's okay to trust my emotions and to be my authentic self. But also that I can manage that without expressing my anger in a negative way.