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Recognizing the Good In Your Life

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Stephanie Lewis (NBC-HWC)
Mindfulness Teacher & Coach
It is so easy to focus on the challenges and struggles in and minimize the positive aspects of our lives. While the challenges are not to be neglected or ignored, the intention of this meditation is to help you bring more to the foreground the parts of your life to positively sustain you and bring your contentment and joy. In peace and gratitude, Stephanie
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Berit Roos
The Good
I deserv the good in my life! I now know how to aknowledge it and how to enjoy it!
I enjoyed this meditation and appreciated the “good energy” theme. It’s still difficult for me to keep my mind from wandering so I’ll continue to work on that. But, I’m glad that I made this time for myself.
Positive energy
I learned that allowing positive energy to nourish my soul is more than gratitude