Personal Space

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Leo Richard
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Find your personal space in a busy and hectic world. 
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Ring around your body
I really liked this one. I enjoyed reclaiming my personal space through this meditation. I definitely feel more at ease and more peaceful now.
Arms length
I had a really irritating experience last night with a person who was just rude and intrusive, and this meditation about personal space made me think of people like that who want to come into my space and are negative and cause me to have negative thoughts and that knot of anger in my stomach. As I meditated I imagined an invisible shield around me, bouncing people back as they approached me. It felt so liberating to breath, let my stomach expand and rise completely. So many good things come to mind that I can do in opposition to the constraints I put on myself: suck in your tummy, walk quietly, don't show upset, etc. and the constraints other people's influence make me feel. I learned that I need to claim my space from myself and others.
🌹I really like Personal Space when I can find Space. It's nice to be able to think freely let my mind go. My children are all sleeping. I take my Personal Space when ever I can which is right now. So Grateful So Peasant So Peaceful So Needed. To me it's the same as My Time to Relax Breathe Think Release . I have needs such as Quite Time it's Wonderful Beautiful. I even have Must Time which is Lay Down and go to sleep. I truly Love Trust Enjoy being Me. 🌹