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Moving Forward With Peace & Acceptance

15 Min
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Stephanie Lewis (NBC-HWC)
Mindfulness Teacher & Coach
We often hold on to regrets, mistakes, misgivings from our past without realizing the heavy toll they can take on us - bringing down our energy, our ability to move on, our view of our own worth. We devote a lot of energy to thoughts about what we could or should have done - all speculation. What we do know though is that we can learn - from our mistakes, from how we respond to our setbacks, and to continue to move forward with peace and acceptance. This meditation is about bringing a sense of peace and acceptance to the regrets you are carrying from the past. For more on protecting your peace, I invite you to read this blog article - https://livewellflow.com/protecting-your-pockets-of-peace/ In peace and gratitude, Stephanie