Clearing our Path
Constantly bombarded by thoughts in our mind, we feel like we are trying to find our way through a blizzard. As the snow blinds our eyes and the wind howls through and past us, walking through a blizzard is no easy task. Thus, we must find a way to clear our path on a daily basis. In this meditation, Jordana has us to clear our path by having us move from our head and into our heart space. Relaxing in the simplistic flow of my breath, I brought my awareness to my heart space. Following Jordana’s guidance, I visualized my head and neck merging with my heart. Visualizing myself without a head or neck was kinda strange at first, but once I got out of how I thought about it and more into how I felt, I was amazed at just how effective this marriage was! I had actually tried to think, but no thoughts would actually form into anything! As Jordana says, it was if my thoughts were melting like wax sliding down the sides of a candle! Allowed to feel rather than think, I felt a spaciousness arise in and around me. Tuned into this marriage, I was free to feel the love, peace and happiness that resides here in my heart. After a few moments of doing this, I visualized my head and neck back at the top of my shoulders. Feeling my mind full of clarity, I immediately knew that this technique had cleared my path! Thank you, Jordana! I will use this technique often when I find myself trying to walk through a blizzard and am in need of clearing my path! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️