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Morning Root Chakra Meditation

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Katherine Pacheco
Spirtual intuitive Guide & Coach
Morning Root Chakra Sound Bath is a sound bath to clear away negative energy to give an extra boost to start the day. The Root Chakra is focused on the safety and clarity of your foundation. Take in the energy of the root chakra with this sound bowl healing session. Blocks in the Root Chakra (Muladhara) can cause unconscious anxiety, anxiety, fear instability feeling unwanted or off-balanced. You are a strong tree, you do not collapse. The root chakra is at the base of the spine, and by your pelvic floor, The root chakra is responsible for your feeling of safety. Daily or spoken affirmations "I am safe" "I am stable" "My foundation is strong" and "I am a tree, I do not collapse".
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Sound bath
I really liked settling into this one. So powerful and strong.
Strong Foundation
I am strong I am stable I am safe My foundation is strong and stable like the roots of a tree. As these words sink into my being while focusing on my breath, I feel myself becoming centered. I will remain grounded in the present moment by focusing on my breath. This session is not a soundbath. All I heard was the narrator talking with some silence in between.
I am a tree I will not collapse
I really like the visualization of being a tree with roots, so grounded and matter what university through the i will not collapse
I am a tree
I learned my roots are full of love and stability and I will not collapse