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Morning Intuition

5 Min
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Oliver James Jenkin
Anxiety Expert & Intuitive Healer
This meditation will help you feel aligned, intuitive, and grounded for the rest of your day. Connecting with your intuition early in the day allows you to be receptive to all the subtle signs and offerings of guidance that come your way. Breathe, relax and allow your natural and powerful intuitive abilities to flourish. You may be surprised by how easy it will become.
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4 reflections
I like the idea of meditation and meditation is always good for calming your soul and body works calms your mind
I like to meditate and relax and I love to listen to relaxing music and love to relax and just be happy and being full of joy because I’m always doing the right thing for god I pray to him and not also get tired of listening to to all the yelling and hollering so I meditate I learned that when I meditate all the negative things just zap right out of my mind and positive things come to my mind and I feel so better during the day and I feel less tired and less stressed out during the day and I feel so much at peace and relaxed
Energy shift
I felt the shift in energy, the calm welcoming energy. This is a great practice for helping sharpen the intuition
I feel calm and relaxed. At peace. Tranquil. I liked the pauses so I could follow the guidance during this meditation. I didn't feel the room change as you suggested. I do know I was fully immersed in this and it has brought great calm to my morning. Thank you.
Lea Ann
I feel so relaxed after just a few moments of meditation. I need to be sure do make time for it daily