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Morning Motivation Full Chakra Energy

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Katherine Pacheco
Spirtual intuitive Guide & Coach
Morning Motivation for the chakra energy Let's get our morning started with some high vibration of chakra energy. Taking the day feeling aligned with your own frequency. Let the chakras activate you into a good day with a morning meditation. You will feel the alignment as we do breath work and body movements that will get us in our motivation. Let's get our day started in the right direction.
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Today, will be a beautiful day filled with love and light. I will be able to communicate clearly to all others I come in contact with today. My energy throughout my body is aligned. I feel centered. My inner light is shining bright. May it reach all others that may need it today.
Mornning Chakra
I feel open and energetic and ready for the day. My energy will get me through the tough spots of the day and help me to overcome any obstacles that stand in my way
Great recharge!
I used this with a self reiki treatment for a little extra energy. I LOVE how clear K explains the chakras & what they represent & their colors. It just helps clarify the work being done. Favoriting this!
My energy is centered and aligned
A quick morning burst of energy to online and center my chakras and my energy. A perfect way to start my morning.