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Mindful Walking (13 min)

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Pasha Lyndi
Movement, Meditation, Nature, Sleep
Not feeling yourself? Mindful walking helps us reconnect with our bodies and our true nature.
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Coming back home to me.
I will not let experiences attach to me. Taking them as they come and then letting go.
Coming home to myself
This is one of my favorite meditations. I love the practice of focus on movement, the breath, and let my dog run in our fenced backyard. It’s a safe space for both of us. It helps me feel gratitude for the forest where we live and gratitude for all those growing through this practice. The biggest challenge may be the distractions but it gets easier to let them go and keep mindfully walking.
A really good start to the day
I started this practice reluctantly, still being half asleep. At the end of it I feel alert but relaxed and ready to face the day.
It didn’t do that for me
I did learn that when I walk next; I will try to focus on the steps to breath and see how that’s works
This taught me…
…that it’s easier for me to empty my mind when I’m saying something to myself. As I took steps that I coordinated with my breathing I counted. One as my heel touched the ground and two as my toe touched the ground. This showed me that using a simple mantra makes a big difference.
Simple easy slow mindful
I bump against trying to make things more difficult and less straightforward than they really are this meditation stepping opening caring repeat