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Melting Method

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Deanna Burkett, MA, MS
Mindfulness of Body
It can be helpful to have different, creative ways to make contact with the body. The "Melting Method" is an alternative to part-by-part body awareness. Among its benefits, "melting" can help disrupt "perfectionistic" tendencies that part-by-part scanning brings up for some of us. "Melting" awareness has been especially helpful for me in disrupting tendencies to "try too hard" in meditation practice. Once learned, "melting" can be easily paired with a more thorough body scanning practice, which is a very beneficial practice. 
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This meditation I found really useful for calming and relaxing my anxious state that I woke up in. At difficult times like I am going through, it has been hard finding a small meditation that is effective, this one however really worked.
Melting Body Meditation for Chronic Pain
The meditation was actually more instructional than a guided meditation because the speaker went quickly through the body three times. Using the relaxing music on the app was extremely helpful as I practice it. I have chronic pain and a recommendation from therapists and physicians is to practice becoming more aware of the body and relaxing into it as most often people with chronic pain are tensing up against the pain which only serves to compound the problem. Just as with the mind the more resistance you meet reality with the more suffering that is experienced.
Contemplation of the cat
I listened to this meditation and was fascinated by the cat beside my feet. His languorous body draped just so, though I knew he was aware as the tail drummed it’s beat upon my foot. How can he be so relaxed yet alert, a quivering stance if started, ears swivel to each noise but complain so, a mutinous growl reverberates through his diaphragm, if I should dare move a toe. This petite leopard, lion of the house, surveying his domain with such ferocity should we dare offend, turn into a purring kitten when affection he demands. I contemplate this cat and wonder, does humanity really think they rule the world, I would argue the felines would disagree.