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Manifesting with the Angels

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Christina Calisto Winslow
Hypnotherapist, Brainwave Entrainment
This self-hypnosis will assist you to connect with the frequency of your Angels to manifest what your heart desires. Your spiritual team of Angels is here for you and this self-hypnosis will help you to connect with them and ask them for help with your manifestation. The healing frequencies Angelic 111 Hz frequencies relax you and open up pathways to your subconscious mind so you can make your dreams a reality. With continued use, the benefits of this hypnosis will increase. Do not use this hypnosis recording while driving. Relaxing in a quiet space and using headphones is recommended to receive the full benefit of this self-hypnosis.
From the community
4 reflections
I felt as though I was being led on a journey to connect with my angels in a gentle manner. It made me feel very relaxed and at peace.
I felt an incredible relaxation of peace and calm...my gift was a bright small golden box...when I opened it the light shone out of a rose quartz heart. Love...finding love and being given love...truly beautiful 💝
I felt cleansed and felt a new sense of purpose. I feel like I’m breathing in fresh clean air
Libby Markl
This journey with Angels finally released my physical pain and intense anxiety I have had for awhile. Her voice, her path was magical and healing. Very well done!