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Learning Unconditional Love

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Dorothy Ratusny
Life Coaching WISDOM
Unconditional love is the purest form of love. It is love that does not require anything in return. When you are unconditionally loving, you inspire and evoke others to be loving.  Learning unconditional love means being a source of love; it means allowing your heart to be open in willingness to be loving and kind - to not be afraid of getting hurt because you love so deeply and fully - since you know that you will continue to honour your needs and to uphold healthy boundaries that protect and cherish you.
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7 reflections
Unconditional Love
This was really what I needed to hear this morning. Learning to do this will open up my heart and stop my judgement of others. We all have a path that we must journey. Each path is what that individual needs to grow. No path is right or wrong. They are life’s lesson......Namaste 🙏🏽
Trust your own path and you’ll need no map! Believe in yourself. Nothing is necessarily right or wrong. Remind yourself!
Unconditional love
I am unable to break relationships with 2 people I struggle to accept as they have caused me so much emotional pain, but I may be able to be more forgiving. Mostly I need to practice unconditional love towards myself. That is where I am at present. Nurturing my own self and loving myself unconditionally. That’s hard for me but I’m working on it!
Unconditional Open
When the term, unconditional love is mentioned, my mind goes to thinking about my relationships with my fur kids, my animals. But, as Dorothy explains in this very profound life coaching wisdom session, we can actually learn to love unconditionally with others in our lives. Dorothy gives us steps on how to do this and tells us by opening our heart to unconditional love, we can not only heal our relationships, but deepen them as well. Loving unconditionally means to openly love without conditions or expectations. Living unconditionally open, we set healthy boundaries as a way of loving ourselves. People can do us wrong, they may even hurt us. But, by setting healthy boundaries, we do not allow their wrongdoing affect how we feel about ourselves. Instead, we realize that they are on their own life path and are learning as they go. Living unconditionally open, we spread loving kindness to others. We are honest and always stay True to ourselves by putting our needs first. This is not being selfish, but rather simply Knowing that we are the Only ones that are in charge of our own happiness. Nobody else can do this for us. One of the biggest things is accepting others as they are. If we find ourselves always feeling the need to change them into who we want them to be, we may want to just set new boundaries and love them unconditionally from a distance or perhaps even end the relationship. We can all learn to live unconditionally open and therefore, love unconditionally. After all, unconditional love is the purest form of love there is. I really enjoyed this life coaching wisdom session and I will begin to practice loving unconditionally. Thank you Dorothy! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
I like this
This was wonderful. I think many people misunderstand the term unconditional love, and believe it to be a weakness. One can strive to love this way and still take care of oneself. Everyone has their own path to follow and lessons to learn.
Unconditional love towards others and one’s self.
Thanks for Dorothy in reminding us tha “Unconditional Love” is important in putting aside the what one may view as “faults” of others and perceived thoughts or faults of one’s self. Loving others for exactly who they are without trying to “mold” someone into your category or align them with your views is something as humans we all can work on. In the same respect, loving ourselves unconditionally can put aside self criticism and feeling that we our are own “worst enemy.” Thank you Dorothy for bringing this to light. Namaste.
Letting go of anger
I learned that you can let someone go without holding onto anger towards them and instead accepting they are no longer what you need to show yourself unconditional love.
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