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Learning Unconditional Love

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Dorothy Ratusny
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Unconditional love is the purest form of love. It is love that does not require anything in return. When you are unconditionally loving, you inspire and evoke others to be loving.  Learning unconditional love means being a source of love; it means allowing your heart to be open in willingness to be loving and kind - to not be afraid of getting hurt because you love so deeply and fully - since you know that you will continue to honour your needs and to uphold healthy boundaries that protect and cherish you. Music Credit: Wavesource: Wavedream Healing Music (432 Hz) Meditation and Theta Tones
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7 reflections
Be honest Dorothy...
You wrote this lesson JUST for me, correct? I pretty much live my life in a state of unconditional love...but even here at Aura, it’s gotten me burned before! I ”wear my heart on my sleeve” and oftentimes give it too freely, or too soon. Then I feel hurt...so I start to close myself off to further hurt. But because I don't care to live that way, I turn right back to loving unconditionally! Have an awesome Saturday everyone!
Unconditional love
I learned that I can love unconditionally and still put myself first. I am responsible for my own happiness. I also learned that I can love unconditionally and still choose to end a relationship.
My new go to
It seems so easy to do when you listen to it! but very difficult to execute. I will try to be mindful as I go through my day to achieve this very important next step
Without conditions...
This track is something that should be listened to by everyone... every so often... as a reminder... It dabs on different topics... This is one of the biggest problems in each relationship I think... when one doesn’t love unconditionally... when one tries to change instead of accept the person for who they are... I am grateful that I am capable of unconditional love... End that relationship where love is given based on conditions as it will only breed resentment. (Which is another killer of relationships).... Thank you Dorothy!
Unconditional Love
It is important that when I practice unconditional love that I begin worth myself. Self care is important. Do not allow what others think that I should do cloud my journey.
I am uncomfortable with unconditional love toward myself. My beliefs have always taught me to put others first. I feel I am being selfish to put myself first. Yet logically, I know I should. It is an internal struggle
Self love
It’s a funny thing...I speak to my beautiful indoor lily plant...I water and care for her...she blooms and grows and gives me joy in her silence.... And so it is with love for myself...speaking and nurturing myself with kindness and love will in turn help me to bloom and give me a feeling of joy ...even when I am silent💝💝💝💝
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