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Affirmations for Self-Love & Self-Esteem

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Neha Prabhakar Rustaggi
Mindfulness Expert and Therapist
The audio track has a set of self love affirmations that promote self love and boost self esteem. It is recommended to listen to this audio track regularly especially when you feel low, stressed, overwhelmed at work or in relationships.
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3 reflections
Self Love Affirmations
Reciting affirmations on a daily basis will help boost your confidence and raise your self esteem. It is also a good form of self care. And, a great way to raise your vibration levels. Pink represents the color of love. Red represents the color of confidence. Visualizing myself surrounded by these colors, I feel I am in a warm cocoon. Reciting the beautiful affirmations, I feel myself smiling along with my heart opening up to receive self love. I continue to feel the positive energy from within growing. I am left with warm feelings of love, compassion, confidence, happiness, and peace from within. Beautiful meditation to begin the day with. I like when Neha recites the affirmations; there is space in between to be able to recite the affirmation and let your mind absorb her words before she recites the next affirmation. May you find a few moments in your day to show yourself some love because you are worth it! 🤗❤️
Focusing on self for a few minutes feels amazing. I love her voice and I believed what I told myself. I am enough.
Starting honest healing
I think everyone has something to heal from. I’ve recently become aware of some of the things I need to heal from, and a good place to start is just by getting in touch with myself. How do I speak to myself ? What do I think about myself ? How do I speak about myself ? This is a great practice to put into a self care routine to start being nicer, kinder, and more loving and accepting to and of yourself ♥️. Thank you ☺️.