Never-ending Journey
We’ve all heard the saying talk is cheap. But, is it really? After all, language whilst the power of meaning and meaning is the propeller towards our actions and choices. Language is what brings us together. Rather, a lot of us cheapen our talk because we don’t keep our promises. To create using language, we need to step out of the default mode of using our words just to describe something or someone. While we are natural storytellers, there are ways we can use our words to create. To be intentional with our words, we make requests, agreements and something Tudor calls, paint future pictures. Requests are such that one person asks another for something. Agreements are social contracts between two or more people. Coming from our heart with a level of excitement, painting future pictures brings people towards something. Because people can feel our words, authenticity is a key component. All three of these require integrity and honesty as well. Language is a never-ending journey. As mentioned above, there is much more to language other than just describing things. If we choose words authentically and with integrity, we can and will change the world. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️