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Gratitude Meditation

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Cindy Wolk-Weiss, BSW
Mindfulness Meditation Teacher & Healer
Decrease depression and stress and enhance your well being with a gratitude practice. Studies are showing just short practices of gratitude enhances our level of happiness. Hope you will join me in the transformative practice.
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Great gratitude meditation
This meditation helped me to relax, be in the moment and fully appreciate that moment. I can feel a lot of tension has been released and I feel happier.
My blessing
I likely broke some sort of mindfulness ”rule”, but during this teaching on mindful gratitude for the blessings in my life, I reached out and took the hand of my single biggest blessing in the world as she sleeps gently beside me.
Gratitude meditation
What a wonderful teacher .... for that I am grateful. A lesson worth revisiting.
Grateful Meditation
I am grateful for this meditation! Such a wonderful way to begin a day, with a grateful heart. It would be a good way to end a day, too! I have added this to my favorites.
Seeing through the cloud to what is real -
Beyond all the messiness that surrounds my normal life as a mother to my son, there is my son. A strong, generous, wonderful young man that is in the center of all the chaos. All the little things and the big things that seem momentous in the moment, there is, at the core, the person that is my son!
Ripple Effect
In any given moment, there are blessings, big and small, happening all within us and all around us. Even when things go ‘south’, there are blessings to be had. They may be hard to notice at first, but they will reveal themselves to us in due time if we have a conscious awareness and a grateful heart. In this wonderful meditation, Carla-Jo has us think of one thing we are grateful for and truly savor it for all that it is and then speaks of blessings that all of us can be thankful for. Because I had just returned from my morning walk with the dogs, the one thing that immediately came to mind to be grateful for was my walking shoes. These shoes are old and are probably not stylish according to the fashion police. However, they are comfortable for my feet and that is all that matters to me. Truly savoring how grateful I am for having these shoes, it was only logical to me to begin thinking how grateful I am for my feet, for they give me the ability to walk. Thinking how grateful I am for my feet, it was only logical to me to begin thinking how grateful I am for my legs, for they give me the ability to move. Because gratitude has a ripple effect, this thought process continued until I had covered my entire body. I am truly grateful for these blessings! Turning my attention from gratitude to thankfulness, I began thinking how fortunate I truly am. For starters, I woke up this morning to experience this glorious day. I felt good enough to take the dogs for a walk. I have another day to give and receive unconditional love. And, my cat, Mr. Thumbs is beginning to feel better. Because thankfulness has a ripple effect, I could continue on, but won’t. I am truly thankful for these blessings! It takes a conscious awareness and a grateful heart to ‘see’ all of the blessings we are given on a daily basis. The ripple effect of ‘seeing’ these blessings has the ability to not only change our mindset, but our entire lives. Try it! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
I noticed I was smiling in my meditation. Thank you for guiding through this drop in.
Mary Kremer
I learned that the stillness inside of me is a beautiful and gentle gift that I want to share with as many friends and family as I can. I am hoping that I can give back to my community for the betterment of society as a whole.