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Gratitude for Your Body

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Beckie Kullberg
Mindfulness Meditations of Self Love
Loving our body is means we love all the parts. When you love and accept your body as it is today you invite others to do the same. The first step to body acceptance is being grateful for the body you have today, not the body you think you should have or hope to have one day. Today is the day. Today is YOUR day. Love your body as it is and it will love you back.
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Siu Yen
Grateful for my body
I loved this simple gratitude mediation for our bodies. So often we forget that we should appreciate each area of our bodies which we often take for granted.
I forget!
I forget to be grateful for the body that helps me to see and feel the gifts around me every day. A calm and easy way to start my day so that maybe I can help someone to see how beautiful they are too.