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From Fear to Love: Three Best Practices

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Dorothy Ratusny
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Here, I share with you the research-based knowledge of how to alleviate fear and how you may choose to live as love in far more moments of your life. In this health pandemic, there is a lot of information that can heighten your fear; the overloading of information some of it inaccurate, some of it truthful. Focusing on the finding and having of facts can cause hypervigilance - acute focus on this problem even if your facts can now offer ideas for what you need to do. It is only when you are fixated on a problem that worries surface: your mind is directed towards what is unwanted and what causes you to suffer. Let this help you! Love Dorothy Namaste!
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4 reflections
Nice to Focus on Others
I usually focus on my being more at peace during meditation time. Tonight, I focused on how brave our healthcare workers are, on the delivery people that make deliveries to our homes, truckers transporting loads of goods for us, store personnel that work so we can still go to the store when needed and so many others that go in to work each day. As I sit here another day in my home, I am thankful for all that is being done for us. I pray for those that are ill and those that have passed and the families they left behind. It is a trying time for the world, but we as a people are resilient and will get through this.
Don’t fear..love
I feel as though I better understand why my fears affect me the way they do. Learning how to better manage it one day at a time💛
A very low level of energy, hard to not feel during the global situation we find ourselves in. Try instead to use a higher energy level & view this as a new opportunity for growth. My personal gratitude goes out to our first responders throughout the world 💜🙏
I am learning to overcome fear and this opened my mind to changing my mindset on fear. Thanks for this experience.
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