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Forgiveness Meditation (Loving Others)

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Katie Krimitsos
Morning Meditation for Women
Good morning, beautiful. This week, we’re meditating about loving others. Forgiveness clears a path so that love can thrive. It cuts down the thick weeds of pain and ego so that we may ultimately find freedom.
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Forgiveness meditation...
I feel like my health got in the way of this particular session, so I’m going to try again in a couple of hours.
This time, I realized that it’s entirely true that my past will never change and that the person I evolve through being doesn’t have to hold onto those anchors. Realizing that it’s going to be far more rewarding buying a bike with a paycheck that I earn rather than waiting for my family to treat me like I deserve: With kindness, awareness, and appreciation of my circumstances. Forgiveness is accepting that my family is not going to change, so I’m going to have to make what I want to have happen with my own resources and options. The road to this has been awful and will likely continue to be for a good while, but when things are finally steady, I will be able to appreciate it so much more.
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