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Forgiveness Begins with Your Heart Open

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
When you hold the intention of forgiveness, it begins within you a gentle movement - a gentle urging of release; of letting go of what has kept you in the throws of suffering for a time. The intentional act of forgiveness will require your heart to open; to feel a 'letting go' of what you have held and harbored for so long. In being willing to forgive all of what has caused you to suffer, you begin the important healing of your body, mind, and soul - and you realign with your highest self ~ the perfection of what you are as energy. I love this one.... It reminds me of the simplicity of life and how love is forgiveness.... Namaste beautiful ones! Sending you great love.... 'dorothy' Music Credit: Wave Source, 'Wave Dream'
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Life Changing Power
Every life has been taught painful lessons though the hurtful actions of others. These life lessons are the impetus for our growth. We can carry these hurts on our backs throughout our lives and continue to experience the pain. Alternatively, we can forgive. Forgiveness is the only way to move forward in our lives without carrying forth the burdens of anger, resentment, and pain. By forgiving, we free ourselves from the past and make the choice to move forward in order to be able to once again experience the beauty and joy of living a fulfilling life.
Forgiveness means letting go of the past to experience the peace of the present.
Dorothy’s words are extremely difficult for me. I sense that I will have to listen again. My first impression was that she is unrealistic and lives in a utopia of fantasy. How do you forgive violent physical and emotional abuse? When those you should be able to trust with your very life, violently abuse you. Your heart is broken and your soul bares the scars of a trust betrayed. “Dost thou betray me with a Kiss?!” A father who beats a six-month infant with a brass buckle because he is intolerant of the infant crying. And when grown, that child, now a man, suffers hearing loss because of the injury. Sarcastically, a “gift” from his father. A daughter who, when she was young, thought her Dad was wise…but now views him as a fool. (Never knowing of the enormous sacrifices you made for her.) Rejecting all the insights and values that Mom and Dad struggled to teach her? Again, forgiveness is extremely difficult. I shall ponder, with prayer and meditation, Dorothy’ words.
It’s all about Being Greater Than Your Environment. Do not be defined by a thought that throws you back into the past not the present moment.
That I need to let go of the pain , and focus on the now .
Forgiving doesn’t necessarily mean forgetting. It means that you’re choosing to end you’re own suffering. Being present in the moment is key too
I will be revisiting this often I find it truly difficult to not give in to anger for past pain
It is a choice to keep reliving an old wrong over and over. I do this often thereby keeping myself in a state of hurt.
It’s for me not the perpetrators. To let go of the feeling anger distress anxiety unworthy I deserved (asked for). By letting go I give myself permission to be happy, to live my life for me.
I acknowledge the past hurt but do not carry it forward. One quote that I love is “I did my best, and release the rest”. Having to forgive those who did not offer an apology is hard, but I feel lighter and less burdened without the extra weight.
Letting go of the anguish of reliving negative experiences - living them once is enough .
If I continue to relive them in my thoughts I am committing violence on myself
Feelings make up the energy I attract
I observed that staying caught in a rut of defeated energy, wrongly treated, shortchanged- keeps me stuck in that cycle. Ruminating over it keeps me focused on the past, shackled down; but I am now ready to transform into the glorious wiser, stronger version of myself. My true authentic self was not born to suffer; but rather to transform and expand beyond my yesterdays. To change my future path and break out of this cycle I need to forgive and forget, it isn’t worth staying trapped and stagnated in the same energy cycle forever. I need to do it for me. ❤️
I felt like it was really personalized to my situation, so it made it easier for me to grasp on how to let go
By letting go of my past and forgiving from what was done bad and wrong to me and focusing on my new life brings i great sense of peacefulness into my heart, body and soul that ive never felt before
I felt my heart getting lighter while listening to this and I hope I continue to hold on to this and forgive as much as I can.
My heart
My heart has never felt so light. I’ve always been big on forgiveness but what I didn’t realize was I was looking at it all wrong. Thank you, truly.
I felt validated and served
I learned that forgiveness is a gift to oneself and the key to present joy
Kenya Sarai
I felt , the urge to forgive anybody that has/had wronged me .
Dorothy, powerful! Forgive to strengthen the present! We do re-experience the past with anger and revenge thoughts. Now, forgive and release and save precious present moments. Thanks.
My heart aches for my family. Something traumatic happened to my family in 2019. I want to forgive but I don’t know that I can. This person is no longer with us so it should be easy but it’s not. How can I forgive someone that pained my family more than anyone can understand.
I can move past the things that I’ve carried with me for my whole life
Learning to let go
Holding on to hurt and pain only continues to hurt you. Trying to see that person in a pure light and try to understand there damaged soul can help you to forgive and release.
A journey begins
I have to learn forgiveness to move forward from the resentments I have felt and continue to feel throughout my life. I look forward to gaining the skills to do this.
While I appreciate the message about forgiveness... I’ve always felt that it’s easier said than done. But, I’m willing to be open to listening.
Forgiveness begins with an open heart
This reminds me that the pain and suffering that I endure from others today is not the same pain that was caused to me in my past. I pray that I don’t keep the going back to the previous pain and keep forgiving people that have hurt me in the past. I chose to live in the present and forgiveness is key to my well-being.
Forgiveness and future
I learned that revenge or hate for the one who has caused it is not the key to life and to accomplish your dream for your life. I also learned forgiveness is key to a whole new world for you holding a grudge is not going to do anything about it at all so you have to move forward I order to reach that dream for your future life.
Keyon Brown
Forgive and Move On
What I felt during this meditation is that holding grudges against people and dwelling on past wounds & hurt shouldn’t be on my mind and focus more in the present with my head high and tackling life to give it my all. Protecting your own vibe/energy is important
I found that I couldn’t forgive the whole person of what I felt was wrong. I’ve had to do it in stages...in bits and pieces. For different events and situations. In chunks almost. I couldn’t do it in one action. And so I had to allow myself that love and acceptance of that. That’s it’s ok not to forgive them entirely in one go...but rather in a slower manner. The hurt was too great. And so it is. Namaste x
I haven't fully grasped the idea on how to forgive. I want to. I just don't know how to let go.
These words helped me
I learned that I am still struggling with forgiveness and I need to keep trying. It’s hard.
I learned that I don’t have to keep holding on to the pain. I can forgive and let go completely
Letting go of resentments, hurt, anger and frustration makes me feel at ease, and more relaxed.
Abuse Survivor
I learned that I must open my heart and stop guard it so tightly against the possibility of being hurt so badly again. Anything can happen-good or bad- at any moment, so why waste time in the past? I am just not sure how to open my heart. It’s as if my heart were in some long ago lost castle with shields and walls built high on every side. I don’t remember where I put the key to get in, but I will, must find it.
Forgive them, torment me ...
I have always been good at forgiving others. Good at being able to see their perspective and my perspective and even at finding the truth that so often lays in the middle somewhere. But one of the very last lines struck me... “you don’t have to continue to revisit these things”. You see, I forgive them and torment myself... I am continually replaying certain events in my life. Often the events with mixed emotions. Namely the events that made me happy at the time but later made me feel used or hurt. Or mad because I was taken advantage of or played in some way. I release them from the burden of carrying this, but I don’t release myself...
I noticed old anger coming to mind and the thoughts of others who manifest past perceived injustices In their physical body always looking for another way to show their pain and in myself the
In myself the defensive ego that grows in response to anger or perceived injustice
It is difficult to forgive when there is trauma involved. I forgave the person who molested my son but can’t seem to forgive the person who raped me.
Hard to let go
When I hear the word forgiveness, a lot of emotions surface immediately. I want to forgive but I’m not sure I can when it’s something that was apologized for and done over and over again, even after each apology. At what point can you let go of it. I didn’t have a chance to process one hurtful act/decision before another one came along. So there’s this huge pile of hurt that’s hard to even sift through. How do you get over that... or do you??
Forgive for yourself
I am always good at seeing things from other’s perspectives. But when it comes it forgiveness I hold on to the anger and resentment at an attempt to punish the other person. This is just punishing me more than them. I have to let go of the anger and realize that they wronged me but their time of punishment will come. I also have to remember that I am forgiving for me, not for them. Basically what I learned is by forgiving you allow yourself to be happy.
I have learned that forgiving someone does not mean loving them. It means loving myself.
Real forgiveness is a hard thing for me
I always forgive people but deep down I don’t know how to truly forgive I am a people pleaser too I guess I just don’t know how to truly let go of the pain that was caused
Forgive myself and those I learned from
I need to listen to long program still but short coaching says forgiveness sets us free from those that taught us! I can forgive myself for being short with Mom and change the behavior!
I’m still brand new to this mindful living. This coaching session brought the realization of what I’ve known for a while to light. It’s been 23 years since I was raped. I still harbor negative feelings from that night. I’m realizing that my anger from not getting justice against the one who hurt me the most has made me angered at anyone else who has done minor negative things to me. I’m not sure how this process is supposed to go to completely release that built up anger nor how long it will take but I’m willing to start right now. For it is the root of my years of suffering from depression, anxiety, panic, and PTSD disorders. For my peace and wellbeing I finally learning it must happen.
Present moment focus
I noted that present moment focus can help with managing forgiveness. And, that I am still struggling with that.
I feel that forgiveness allows growth, whether you’re asking or extending.
I don’t need to give the same energy back that I was given. Peace
Forgiveness begins with the heart open
I learned that I want to be able to let go of my suffering and I learned that this is possibly by being fully committed to the present moment.
Listening to this it brought tears to my eyes. I have asked 3 people for forgiveness. It does take a toll on your life.
I learned that when you forgive it frees you from a time of your life that was most likely truly exauhsting. Its tiring to hold grudges.
I felt...
I can forgive myself to the weight I gained, and look forward to the journey of losing it.
My journey to forgiveness
I loved this. Now I have a clearer understanding of what I need to do to forgive. To let go, stop reliving the past, and move forward. Namaste.