Inner Circle of Love
Sitting, I took a few cleansing breaths into my belly. I brought people who I am close with to my mind and imagined them standing in front of me. Smiling at them, I extended my arms out to give them all a loving hug. Giving them my love, my heart beamed with joy. Seeing them smiling back at me beamed with love even more. While hugging those closest to me, I realized there was plenty of room within this inner circle of love to include others that I don’t know very well. With open arms, I envisioned bringing my entire neighborhood into this inner circle. I was reminded that they may not have the resources to love themselves. With my heart open, they began to feel love for themselves and the world around them. Knowing this, giving love never felt so good! Turning back to myself, I felt love beaming within my heart as I took a few deep breaths into my belly. As I looked within and around my surroundings, I am content. May we Be Love so we may Serve Love! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️