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Feel Happy

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Teena Jones
Life Coach and Healer!!
A New Day and a New Dawn are here! No matter what the circumstances may look like you have to find it within yourself to feel good and be happy anyway and those circumstances will not have a choice but to leave your experience! Cheers!
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To look for the good in every situation. Focus and be aware of triggers and take control of my emotions before they try and take control of me.
I have to learn to let go of the things I cannot control and focus on me—my reaction, my thoughts, my feelings.
Change in Perspective
Our mind is wired towards the negativity bias which is why we tend to focus on the negative. Over time we can retrain our brain to focus on the good even when life is not going exactly the way we want it too. We have the power to choose how we want to respond to a difficult situation in our life. Meditation is one of the many tools that has helped me to respond rather than react to a difficult situation in my life. A shift in perspective truly does make a difference on how we view our situation. Thank you Teena for this inspiring talk!
Feel Happy!
I choose happiness every day now. Thinking of what is going well helps. Not worrying. Not dwelling in the past. That's old news. And the universe has my back. I know what I need to do. My future has yet to reveal itself.
Choose happiness!
I love that she said the only thing that we can control/ need to control is our mind. Learn to train your mind not to react in a harmful way. Wake up every day and choose happiness! Perfect session for my morning! I love Teena Jones!