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Everything Is In Divine Order

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Life Coaching
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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Wisdom Notes with Dorothy... A new perspective reminds us of the divine order that breathes life through all things. When you approach life from the perspective that everything is in divine order, it does not mean you have less freedom, rather you can trust in the perfection of life to support your greatest wishes and to build the momentum that you are willing to set in motion. The world is seeking a new and better way of life. We all have the choice to live of grace ~ in the spirit of knowing that divine order will always support our highest intentions and right action. For the week ahead... Practice the mantra: "Each moment holds the perfection of what I seek." Sending you great love... namaste!
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Calm reverence
This is one of the most beautiful insightful sessions. If only I could make my brain find that ease, that flow, that calmness. Thankyou Dorothy! You give the most accurate insights to healing…to find that internal peace within knowing it’s divine order. 💝🙏
Living in grace fully toward myself and all others is a huge achievement. I obviously am not doing so. I can't imagine getting to that level! It sounds glorious.
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