The Dance
Usually when we think of new beginnings, a fresh career or a move to somewhere different comes to mind. But, as Katie says, every moment we are present gives us an opportunity to reset, refresh and restart. Therefore, rather than being so focused on the outcome, we can dance with grace, possibilities and presence and can truly enjoy the journey. The day I embark on an adventurous journey of expanding my body, mind and spirit with the teachings of meditation has finally come. Thinking about everything I am about to immerse myself in and of all that will be expected of me, a few butterflies began to flutter in my belly. Letting go of thinking, I allowed myself to get present with my breath. Dancing to the music of my breath, grace walked in and embraced my hands. As we began to dance together, she reminded me that while there will be moments of hardship, she will always be right by my side. Comforted, she twirled away and possibilities came in to sweep me off my feet. Reminding me that I am limitless, that I am perfectly imperfect, my heart expanded into the endless possibilities that are available for me. Thanking possibilities for this incredible dance, she twirled off and presence walked in. Embracing my hands, we began to dance. Holding me close, she whispered in my ear to Be Here Now. As presence twirled away, I was left alone to dance to the music of my breath. Embracing everything that grace, possibilities and presence gave me during our individual dances, I know I am not alone. I know endless possibilities await. And, I know to let go of any outcome and enjoy this beautiful journey. Thank you, Katie! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️