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Enhance Psychic Senses Sleep Meditation

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Nicky Sutton
Meditation Guide & Hypnotherapist
The carefully designed positive sleep affirmations in this sleep meditation encourage your mind to unlock your psychic senses. Improve your intuition and psychic senses while you sleep in several ways. First, by believing in yourself through affirmations. It's well known that through the power of positive thought and belief, our abilities become a reality. We can literally manifest our psychic abilities and intuition into action through positive belief. In addition, we can program our subconscious mind through powerful affirmations such as the ones contained in this sleep meditation, to activate and enhance our psychic and intuitive abilities. If our subconscious mind accepts this, it gets to work making it a reality. Lots of love!
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2 reflections
Sleep 💤
Well,I felt asleep pretty soon! Never heard the end! So that’s good Will try again tonight!
I extended the music to go on playing, after the talking finished.
I learned that by doing that, if I was still awake at the end of talking, it wouldn’t be a sharp ‘end’ to it, which from past experience, would have woken me up properly. This way I was actually able to drift off to sleep.