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Drifting Off

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Pasha Lyndi
Nature-Based Mindfulness & Sleep Stories
Drift gently off to sleep, soothed by ocean waves and the rising and falling of the body breathing.
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4 reflections
First night
I learned that by focusing my mind one one thing, meaning this meditation, I got to get away from all my inner thoughts and really let go of everything bad in this world and just lay in my bed and have no thoughts running through my head it felt like I was living in a cloud for the past 4 mins and it was amazing
I feel uneasy but I’m trying to relax! I need to settle my mind and be more content.
Helped me Relax
I’ve never tried anything like this before. I didn’t believe it would help to stop my racing mind. It really did. I even noticed how relaxed my body become. I’m pleasantly surprised. Unfortunately it was a light sleep. I could hear the music playing on several occasions. I need to set a timer, so the music turns off after a hour.
First meditation
Is helped me to get tired as i was before. I have since long time ago sleeping problems. I am also new member here on aura but it seems could work good on me. Thanks