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Defining Healthy Self-Regulation for Anxiety Relief + 'Spoken Word' Guided Meditation

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Dorothy Ratusny
Life Coaching WISDOM
Healthy self regulation is the ability to be attentive to what you need in any given moment. It includes identifying what you want-how you want to feel-and your decision for optimizing this within the context of what is the best possible choice. When you feel anxious, when you experience stress – you inherently seek out ways in which to calm and soothe yourself.  While you use various forms of self regulation daily to bring yourself back into - homeostatic balance – your body independent of your direct efforts – always attempts to self regulate; to ensure that you are functioning at an optimal level. In this episode of Life Coaching WISDOM, discover the importance of self-regulation, what constitutes 'healthy' vs 'unhealthy' self-regulation and take inventory of whether your 'habits' are bringing you balance - or moving you further 'out of' balance.  Join me for the 'spoken word' guided meditation at the end for deeper self-reflection and the experience of self-regulation for relieving anxiety and experiencing calm and inner peace. Namaste!!   xo dorothy
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I learned a lot from this meditation. I need to drop and let go what does not serve or benefit me. Things that do not propel my soul and enlightenment need to be disregarded and recognized and not belonging to me. The spirit of me that I’ve come to discovering is slowly winning a battle with my childhood ego. It is hard and it gets convoluted and invisible, it becomes unknown and unseen. The battle is relentless and sometimes the child within wins, yet the ancient within me persist and is determined. I think the child in me is dying and I am crossing over to another plane of enlightenment. This journey the past two months has been profoundly dee and deviating. I was in so much pain and I got physically sick. I want to pursue my dream of creating art, of writing and painting, guiding people and listening to my heart guiding me. I belong to no one but me. My future belongs to no one but me. I need to make the choices today of how I want my future to be in the daily life and that means letting go of childhood “dreams” of a science degree earning me big money. Sure I have an interest and a curiosity, but my talent and skills lies within psychology, all fields. I am a scholar by heart indeed and I know now the ways of pursing a path that is true to me. Not a dream that was thrown at me from parents who are severely lost and not of higher consciousness being. It’s taken me years of being miserable, depressed, anxious, and insecure of realizing maybe this “dream” of mine was created by society and forced down by parents. I am fully capable of following my talents, skills, and true passion to make me feel alive and experience life. And that is okay. Namaste self, and others who read this.
Mary Jane
I needed to hear this and let it all soak in. Ths practice helped me recognize this empty feeling I've had today is possibly boredom. I did yoga & meditation this morning and felt great! Took a shot walk and felt good! But in between and after I've been ... I don't know ... Yucky? I think I always need to be doing something or needing something, when I really don't. Being still and aware that I have everything I need, right now ... Is a big learning process for me. It is living this journey, not the journey itself. But being present and okay with myself right now. 🙏🏽
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