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Cultivating Self-Trust

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Life Coaching
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Stephanie Lewis (NBC-HWC)
Mindfulness Teacher & Coach
How do you build self-trust? Why is it important that you do so? This audio discusses these two questions and provides some tips on how to build more trust in yourself. For more on how to honor yourself with self-trust, read my blog article: In peace and gratitude, Stephanie
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3 reflections
Self trust
A lesson on trusting yourself. Making appointments with yourself towards your goals. Surrounding yourself with supportive people. To me it's about trusting yourself to make decisions mindfully. To care about myself enough to not put myself in bad situations. To trust my instincts. To love myself enough to do that.
Setting up my goals and focusing on myself. Surround yourself with positive people who love you and care about your success.
Alecia King
Self trust
Learning to set attainable goals and achieve those goals by knowing what you can do. Surround yourself with a positive group of friends that will support your dreams.