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Cultivating Presence With The Breath

7 Min
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Stephanie Lewis (NBC-HWC)
Mindfulness Teacher & Coach
Take a few moments to allow the body to be still and at the same time strengthen your focus and concentration skills with this brief meditation. You may also be interested in my life coaching track: How to Be Present: https://www.aurahealth.io/track/how-to-be-present-stephanie-lewis-nbchwc In peace and gratitude, Stephanie
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I felt like the 5 minutes went by in seconds. I was surprised at how soon it ended rather than waiting for it to be over. I was enjoying it quite immensely.
These breathing exercises are very useful for focus.
I learned that even taking a few moments each day to concentrate on breathing sharpens your ability to focus.
My inner voice narrates what I’m doing
Whenever I’m doing these in my head I’m either counting (1,2,3,4 on the breath in and then 1,2,3,4 on the breath out. Or I’m saying in and out. When it said to notice other sensations, my inner voice announces it. I noticed a slight itch on my cheek. But I didn’t just feel it and pay attention to it, in my head I narrated “there’s an itch on my cheek.” I feel like I shouldn’t be doing this, but I can’t turn it off. Should I be figuring out how to turn it off? Or is it ok?