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Compassion For Your Whole Body

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Beckie Kullberg
Life Coach
Your whole body works as a unit and then take a moment to appreciate and have compassion we give ourselves a gift. This meditation is a body scan that is both relaxing and filled with compassion for all parts of our bodies.
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3 reflections
Aches and pains
I learned to focus on my anatomy and to pin point my aches and pains
Body confident
I thoroughly enjoyed taking the time to stop and relax myself and my tired body! I lied down while doing the meditation 🧘‍♂️ to stretch and be more aware of how each part of me was tense and I was able to calmly tense and release each body part! By the end of the time I felt so much calmer and relaxed and no pain in my shoulders and back like I had before! Now I feel great & super relaxed! This is all while my 3 year old daughter climbed all over me 😂! I still feel better than when I started!
Walter J
Full body scan helped point out a couple tight areas. Kind of fast to do any work to release them. But helpful to identify them.