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Caterpillar Turn into a Butterfly - short story

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist Psychotherapist
A short story about the process of caterpillar turning into a butterfly. It is a struggle but a necessary one for the transformation to take place. Using every challenges and struggle as an opportunity to make us stronger and wiser.  
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9 reflections
There aren’t any words to describe how point on this reflection was for my life currently. Mind blown. 🤯🤯🤯
If we take that dirty rock from over there apply enough friction , the correct amount of pressure.,it is so much more than was thought, A rock that was tended to is a beautiful, brilliant, and very special rock, you can buy diamonds, but can we learn to see the rock at all
I’m finished! I am a beautiful butterfly! https://youtu.be/755f0iUuJY0
Necessary struggle
What I get out of this meditation story is that if we want wings to fly we must struggle. Without the struggle we can often become fat and disabled and unable to take care of ourselves. Henceforth I will try to appreciate my struggles more and use them to grow wings and fly on my own.
I needed the extra context in the end to stop focusing on how sad it is for the butterfly. perhaps that's what I should do in real life... stop worrying about what is and can't be changed and focus on the things the struggle teaches me.
Last year was full of struggle for me. But I learned a ton about who I am, my own courage and my own persistence and love for life. I may not be a butterfly yet but I am on my way.
Work in Progress
This was very helpful. It has been challenging since I lost my job last year, and has indeed felt that this struggle has become the new normal. It is difficult to see any progress. I am hoping that this too shall pass and that I will grow in some way from this experience. I will keep going.
That is a good spiritual eye-opening story that touch my heart, and it remind me of the struggles I must face in order to transform and I love butterflies,they are all over my home,my car , and my backyard.Now I see the connection I have with collecting butterflies. 😊
Still struggling
I’ve heard the story about the butterfly, but the way it was presented in this version made it all the better *** This version of the struggling butterfly, where the little boy tried to help the butterfly break free without going through the complete struggle actually hurt the butterfly rather than have helped it *** The point is that I’m desiring to express here is no matter how hard the struggle to break free, you have to keep the Faith; believing that if I keep trying and don’t give up; whilst I’m struggling to break through God is equipping me for the journey that is about to take place once I have broken free. I needed the oils in my wings, and something removed from my life etc*** Now I spread my beautiful wings to fly so freely about my way; having no regrets for the struggle, because now I can look back on the struggle to see why this had to happen the way it did *** I’m still a butterfly in the cocoon the hole is open and soon my metamorphose will be complete; then I can Faithfully, completely and freely take complete flight in His glorious strength 🙏🦋🧎🏿‍♀️