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Calming Breath

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Victoria Yoga
Yoga, Meditation & Holistic Therapist
A breath technique to calm the nervous system and relax the mind and body. Use this meditation regularly for better health and well-being.
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Calming breath
I found the exercise closing my eyes and sticking call me Call Ming breath to be very relaxing and especially good for me sometimes I have trouble slowing my breathing down and do and doing the nostril breathing found in this technique helped me slow my breathing down. The end of this meditation practice of the time me to be grateful for the simple act breathing ultra rebreather without thinking and then consider how much power to call my simple natural actor. Natural like to have. Meditation I don’t really talk to me call my breath and my nervous system but do appreciate this and 6LACK. I am grateful to the folks on our on this app for teaching me skills I also appreciate the community on Nora on this app for taking the time to read this post. I hope everyone is OK and happy and well.
After I finished this breathing meditation I feel like floating, really relaxed, as if my mind and body were apart.
Effortless Exhale
I really felt the no-effort of the exhale after focusing on the long inhale. Pretty awesome bodies we all have the privilege to inhabit. Namaste