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Calming Anxiety

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Dorothy Ratusny
being love
A Mindfulness Meditation to calm body and mind using breath, your connection with your heart centre, and a word that depicts for you what will be most soothing.  Use this meditation to feel calm wherever you are, beautiful ones!  Namaste! xo Music: Eternell, Kalimba Ambiance.
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4 reflections
I’m struggling with keeping my opinion to myself. Dorothys voice is so soothing. This relief of just finding peace, peace w/i myself. Peace to trust her parenting, peace to let go. I could feel my heart rate slowing. So grateful. I will get through this.
Comforting Words
I learned that repeating a word that brings me calmness and peace as I inhale and letting that word overtake me as I exhale is a great way to soothe me.
I learned that it was great and worth it waking up earlier to run at 6:08am, while it was cold, 61 degrees and dark... made me think of my time in Thailand and how great it is to be still with God’s creation... reflecting on life and how much weight I carry. God search my heart and test me and hear my anxious thoughts and if there’s anything offensive please lead me in your path and ways. Give me your guidance and correction.
To me, the word “warmth” depicts calm kindness. It makes me feel safe in the moment and allows me to sink into my being.
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