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Calm And Focus 5 Min Morning Meditation

7 Min
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Dr Salone
Sleep Expert, Hypnosis, Meditation
Having trouble waking up in the morning? This is a 5-minute guided morning meditation from Dr. Salone to start the day on a positive note. With calming and healing music, It will give you the confidence and strength to accomplish your goals and feel positive and calm throughout your day.
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3 reflections
Short and concise for the morning!
Excellent. Only takes a few minutes so no excuse and it contains a lot of consistent messages. I have a slight issue with the teachers voice though
Just the right length !
Set me up for the day… helped me focus on what’s important and to calm my inner voice. Will be listening regularly to this meditation
Did you ever have a day where nothing seems to resonate with you? There is just zero connection? Well, today must be my day. I will try again tomorrow!💪👍🌞