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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
Learn how we can choose to focus on what's really important, and let go of small and unimportant matters.
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Walter J
Great little story with a big lesson in it. If we would take but a moment to appreciate the intention of an act, how many more happy actors we would have doing even more acts. I always appreciate Jiva’s stories! ❤️🙏🍀
Lovely reminder
I can forget to appreciate the little things if I’m caught up with my own thoughts and expectations. It’s the thought that counts
Thought that Counts
This is a cute story to remind us when loved ones do things for us, we need to be appreciative regardless of what happens. Yesterday, my beautiful mother slaved most of the day making me a white chocolate raspberry cake. She had to improvise because the recipe called for three round pans and only had two. So, cupcakes were made with the rest of the batter. I had no idea that the frosting called for buttercream frosting. We both agree that it is not one of our favorite type of frostings. Regardless, she continued making it. When the frosting was completed, we both had a taste. It was pretty sweet, as buttercream tends to be, so she added some whipped cream into the frosting. When the cupcakes and the whole cake were assembled, I gave her a great big hug and told her how thankful I was. We both had a few of the cupcakes and even though we prefer a different type of frosting, it went perfectly with the tartness of the raspberries. I looked over at my mom as my heart melted in love and appreciation for her....knowing all along that it was the thought that counted! 🎂
Burnt Biscuits
Appreciate the effort. Remember the little things that people do for you. It is in those things that they are showing their love for you. Be grateful
Liking the taste of charcoal
It’s so much more important to appreciate the little things people do for you.
I do and do. My kids are okay sometimes but one daughter is never grateful She fights with me all the time Nothing makes her happy Time to let go of that Tough love now
Burnt Biscuits
This is a story about not getting mad at people because their efforts weren't perfect. It reminds me of an article I read written by a teacher in Idaho. One of her students came from a poorer farming family. One day this girl came up to the teachers desk and gave her a potato. "A potato for the teacher because I didn't have an apple," she said. Our efforts can be like that. We don't always have to bring the perfect gift.
What a lovely story to learn about the importance of caring for others. By impulse, sometimes my mind goes straight to corrections, for I am a perfectionist, but this story taught me to be kind and appreciative.
Appreciating the joy of others makes my life al little more complete.
Appreciate those right in front of you & his or her effort too!!
Think bigger
Appreciate the person, their intentions. Ask yourself, “What is actually important here?” What is the desired outcome I want—relationship wise, how I want someone to feel, what I want them to know, and act on that. Think one level bigger. Like in an interview—what are they trying to assess in this situation? Thing meta, goals, intentions, desired outcomes and impact.
To start the day
These help mainly to start my day find that it helps. Just kinda gets me going and help with the shakes
It’s story time me do you appreciate the effort others back regardless of how these prints turn out. I am grateful to those who work for the tab for reminding me that sometimes it’s the thought that counts when people make the effort to do things for me rather than the actual outcome. I am also grateful for the community on this app for taking the time to read this post. I hope everyone is OK and happy and well.
Burnt Biscuits
I need to remember to appreciate the effort even if the outcome is not perfect. Everyone makes mistakes
Burnt Biscuits
When others do for us, it's important they receive our appreciation no matter what. Things aren't perfect. The effort is what matters.
Secret to happiness
This is, more or less, the secret to happiness. Spread your care for others and you will receive caring acts back.
Burned biscuits
Look at the bright side and see the effort. Being appreciative is very important