Live this Day Boldly
Setting an intention is taking a bold stance on how we want to show up to each day. In this meditation, Stephanie guides us to choose an intention and then takes it a step further by having us visualize how we will feel in our body after we have lived this intention. As we feel into our body, she has us imagine the steps needed for this intention to bloom into fruition. As I settled in my body, I could sense this body breathing on its own. With my focus deep within the core of my being, an intention rose in my consciousness. As this intention was heard, I visualized how I will feel at the end of my day by implementing this intention. The word content came up. In order for this intention to come to fruition, I must remember. Remember to pause and remember to focus deep within my core. As I embody courage, confidence and compassion in all I do and in all I am, I will live this day boldly! Thank you, Stephanie! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️