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Body Scan Long

4 Min
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Irene Zwaan
Hypnotherapist & Energy Healer
Relax your body and mind with this practice. The more you practice the more you can relax yourself. Easy way to learn mindfulness meditation.
From the community
17 reflections
Very nice way to relax before bedtime. Thanks Irene for this new meditation.! 🙏
Relaxing n calming affect
I enjoyed this. Body scan..the music n water brook sounds, feel tranquility..the 3 mins went fast.. great for stressful day
Soothing & Hypnotic 😴
Thought I would come back to this medication again because the music and water sounds are so soothing and Irene’s voice is so hypnotic. Perfect for sleep and I love ending with letting go of all the negativity in my body. Thanks 🙏 Irene
Short and longer bodyscan
Hardtime sleeping ? Try this meditation ... let go of everything
Follow the body parts
Just follow all the parts and relax. Give yourself a moment....
Achieving inner calmness
I love this meditation it’s one of my favorites. I feel so incredibly relaxed and chill right now. Irene has such a beautiful way of guiding one through the process of relaxation and achieving a inner calmness. I’ve learned how important it is to think about my breathing no matter where I’m at and when I do it improves my experience. Thanks Irene 🙏🌷
I didn’t really do this!
My family has a scary new medical problem just discovered; the outcome too early to determine. I’m way too distracted tonight. But I needed to cry, I needed a release. And I did cry and I felt relief as I just laid on the bed and listened for 16 minutes. I needed comfort and I got it as I listened to Irene’s voice. Namaste, Irene. 💙🌷
Relax every part in your body
From toes till head. Just listen and follow and the rest happens....
Body Scan Long
I learned that it’s important to take the time to relax ourselves and our minds. Just give our bodies a break to relax and for us to really just take this time to be one with ourselves. Just breath and let our body and mind be a rest and just be in this moment. Life can be so busy and hectic and we work ourselves to the wire so it’s important to give ourselves time to just be grateful and aware of our body and give it the time to relax! In this time also it’s important to release any emotions and recognize how we are feeling and how are body feels. After this mediation I feel so refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the day! 🧘🏼‍♀️
Walter J
Thank you Irene for this 17 min total body scan & energy cleanse...Whew!! VERY Powerful & Revitalizing!! Starting with a musical spell that invited me in to relax & then captivated me to want to stay & bare my soul. She positioned me just right so I was prone and completely vulnerable to her cleansing words of love. Then, she started on my breathe... Chest breathing helps the Mind more... Belly breathing helps the Body more - by lessening out thinking... so I am laying there totally stretched out, just belly breathing & mind blanking out ... Then I feel “mesmerizing” sensations in all the parts of my body she addresses... cannot remember them all... & cannot consciously fight them (not that I wanted to) but it felt like a Cosmic rolling pin being rolled down my body and squishing all the negative Energy out of every cell in my body down, thru & out of my feet... When I came to with the Aura piano music... I felt like a newer, improved version of Me!?! What can I possibly say except... Irene, you have done it again!! 💚🍀💚
Incredible Body Scan
Wow! This is hands down, one of the best body scans I have experienced on Aura! The beautiful and calming music immediately invited me to settle in and give Irene my full attention. The focus quickly turned to my breathing as Irene explained the differences between chest and body breathing. Chest breathing is more for the mind and belly breathing is more for the body. Because the focus of this meditation was on the body, I turned my awareness to my belly, beginning to take deeper breaths...filling my belly with each in breath like a balloon. Tingling all over my body, I became heavier and heavier as I sank into my bed. With each breath I took, it felt as if a large rolling pin beginning from the top of my head rolled down my body over and over again...squeezing out every ounce of negative energy out of my body through my feet and into the Earth. Wow! I am soaring on a complete body high! In fact, I feel as if I am a new person relishing in this incredible energy! This is definitely one meditation that I will be revisiting again and again. Thank you, Irene for this incredibly relaxing experience! 🙏🏻❤️🙌🏻😊
This body scan left me refreshed and awake, as if I’d woken up from a deep sleep. This is the perfect replacement for a thirty-minute nap. Invigorating and inspiriting, it infuses fresh determination into the listener.
Sea hag
Loved it, but don't quite agree...
This was a wonderful meditation that took me on a good journey, but I don't quite agree with the idea of letting go of negative energy. Perhaps this is a good way for some people to envision it, but the body is a little bit like a magnet with positive and negative poles. One can't exist without the other, so they should be balanced. So I reflected on that and tried to feel the north and south poles in my body in relation to the Earth.
First day
I learned that my mind wanders really easily. Even if less than 4 minutes it was almost too much. I hope it gets better!
Through this meditation I learned how relaxing it can be just drew lard back in the chair call math turn my palms up, Close my eyes, and breathe deeply. I was so relaxed after doing this meditation and placing the focus on my head then I yawned several times after I finish this and to think that I only did the three minute version of this body scan I can’t imagine how relaxing the longer one is! I will assume the position described in this meditation and breathing deeply whenever I need to relax future in future prior to this meditation I feel like my head has been all over the place for several days I’ve noticed in my head feels calmer and clearer since doing this meditation. I am grateful for the folks who work at this app for teaching me how to relax in this position and putting this track together it also helps that the voice of the coach on this track is incredibly soothingThank you to the community on this app for taking the time to read this post. I hope everyone is OK, happy, and well.
I felt grounded and refreshed after.. 😍🥰😍 Letting go is an amazing feeling....
I learned that I need more of this in my life. I am way too over stressed and full of anxiety and sadness