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Befriending Sadness

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Lyndi Smith
Nature-Based Mindfulness & Sleep Stories
This practice helps us befriend our sadness and let go of the struggle.
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Accepting My Feelings
I appreciated the reminder that it’s okay to feel sad. My feelings don’t need to conform to any artificial construct.
This experience taught me that it is okay to feel sad. I have accepted the feeling better.
Befriending Sadness
Emotions are as individual as we are. Thank you Lyndi, for reminding me to accept sadness just as I would any other emotion. However, it is challenging and much easier to accept joy! 🙏🏻
Befriending sadness
We must accept our feelings not negate them. It is only by acceptance and then letting them go that we can truly move on in our lives. Everyone has sadness so this is a great reminder on how to deal with your sadness. You should not ignore your feelings instead accept them and move forward with grace.
Starting Daily Meditation
Today is the start of a new daily meditation practice. I am going to love it
Starting Daily Meditation
Today is the start of a new daily meditation practice. I am going to love it
It is okay to accept sadness and not resist it. Sometimes it is best to just feel what you feel and be okay with that.
Productivity = Positivity
I feel so much better when I create, when I work hard, when I contribute. Creating gives me purpose. Living out of love makes me feel loved. Next time I feel down, or tired, or bored I need to create!
It’s actually peaceful to accept sadness and be with it for a while. I always tend to try to outrun it, figuratively and literally.
Feeling the sadness
I got some news that wasn’t earth shattering, but it bothered me. I felt like it would bother me more if I got upset about it. I felt I would be weak about crying over something so seemingly small. But it was big to me. Everything means something to me. This meditation helped me to accept my feeling sad. And I was able to let go
I am going through some very hard times. The hopelessness was so overwhelming.
I learned that it’s ok to let go and except your feelings instead of fighting it. I gave myself permission to feel sad and anxious. These are normal, human feelings that come on from time to time. I made peace with it and then kept moving forward. My feelings became quiet companions, instead of disruptive hindrances.
Breathing in
Filling my heart with acceptance—my soul with peace—in every breath.
Some people
No matter how much they love you nor how much I love them, never seem to understand the effects they’re having on my own thoughts and feelings about myself. I know that it’s not supposed to be that way. I also know that I wasn’t always so easily disturbed mentally, by others. And yet I find myself here all to often. When I know that the smallest kind gestures(a hug) would have massive effects on my emotions and yet here I stay constantly longing for him to be a little more sensitive to me and things going on or people dying in my life. Instead I feel like I am being resented.
Everyone feels sad
Everyone feels sadness. It’s okay to be sad. But I ask myself why am I sad 24/7? Just breathe in the acceptance and out the sadness
Most men like me were taught to resist negative emotions like sadness because those emotions are a sign of “weakness” for a “man”. I’ve always had a hard time resisting the emotion of sadness (try as I might), but this practice really helped me to acknowledge and accept that emotion and to avoid resisting the emotion.
I’ve been struggling dealing with toxic family members lately and attempting to learn how to move away from them. This practice really helped me center myself and kept from doing what I normally do, internalize and bury the abuse.
Trying to accept
I really liked this session, I found it relaxing and for the moment it truly helped me to control (partially) the pain I feel. I’m on my way.
Growing up
I grew up being told not to cry, and every now and then, it would just come out in a huge rush. Now I feel free to feel, and I can steadily improve my mental health
Mary Autumn
I wasn't a big fan of this one but it did make me more open to understanding my pain and sorrow and sadness. It helped me breathe and it made me feel calmer.
So, maybe I’m done being the designated hitter!
I have been in counseling for years. And by the way have nothing against it and have no problem with the concept of an occasional “tune up.” As a matter of fact I have been considering going lately. I just moved literally across the country, for my husbands job; who i just married this month. I am happy with my husband. He loves his job. Where we are now is better than where we were before. But, I’m not working, the job search is wearing me out and I have no real friends here yet. I’m sad. At first I thought my depression was kicking in. And it could. But, I’m getting myself on a routine. I’m putting my skills to work. I’m not crazy. Every one feels sad from time to time. Right now, I feel sad and I accept that.
I noticed that I liked the idea of acceptance/resistance, but actually connecting with it was harder. Like, it’s hard to accept sadness and not think about what I can do to fix it.
Befriending Sadness
I learned that it’s okay to be sad. My feelings are valid. I will be okay.
Day 3 - 8th of November
I got this session from another member and decided to try it out. I found it really difficult to accept it and I still haven’t fully gotten there but I’m trying and that’s what matters
it’s ok
it’s normal and acceptance leads to understanding how to be better
I feel so terrible. I feel like nothings gonna work out for me. I’m surrounded by the wrong people no one can help me
Thank you. 🙏🏻
This was exactly the kind of short practice I needed. Breathing in acceptance. Breathing out letting go. Being with the sadness, but also being able to see the other side of the coin. Thank you.
It’s okay to not be okay
I was feeling down today because I had a long awkward and uncomfortable night but this really helped me. Now I’m gonna go take a nap considering how late I was up last night and how early I got up.
Emotion is welcome here
I have little to say besides that. Thanks for coming to my TedTalk. (We'll all be happy someday, but for now let's just be sad).
i reflected on just the tip of my pyramid of problems. they may not seem important to anybody else, but I struggle every day, awake or asleep, with thoughts of my troubles, my loneliness, my past mistakes, constantly replaying conversations and events that has transpired in my life. i think about my uncontrollable anger and rage. being struck, feeling physical pain, feeling threatened anyway and all i see is RED....an out of body experience where i see myself lose control, yet i cant refrain from reacting so explosively. the thought of death and suicide are constantly going through my head. i ponder on the different ways i can kill myself. i am very conscious of what and how it may affect the people i am close to and family, but coming up on 35, i dont have a meaningful, productive career, nor do i find any joy in anything. i hid behind dulled senses for 10 years, habitually smoking marijuana every day, all day...even when i was working steadily. i am emotional and sensitive....cry when i talk about something difficult or painful, unable to hold my tears over thoughts of icons that died, that i never met...yet made an impact in my life...in life and with their deaths. my heroes like Robin williams, the best DAD on screen, were so depressed and unhappy in their amazing lives that they freed themselves from the material plane. if someone as accomplished and loved as RW, what hope is there for me to find my happiness and peace? what is the point for me to continue?
It’s ok that sometimes I’m not ok. It’s ok that sometimes I’m sad. I tend to try and shut these emotions off quick for fear I’ll spiral. I need to accept this is OK. Embrace it
I learned to let go of certain things and embrace reality.I have also learned that I cant control everything and I need to breath in and out every single to day to get my emotes out
I am not alone
I learned that I am not alone in feeling deep sadness and I can transform grief into a learning experience.
This feeling is normal. It is a human emotion and it is not wrong to feel this way.
It’s okay to not feel okay...sadness is normal and living in it for a bit doesn’t hurt. And I can explore some feelings...
First meditation
I learned that focused in and out works best for me. It helps prevent my mind from wandering.
Psycho Mel
This will be hard but also great.
Everyone feels this from time to time. It's easy to feel but understanding is what's hard.
Amy Crabtree
It seems as if the only times that my family members call me is when they want something from me. I'm broke, starving,sick, scared and in desperate need of help but they leave me to flounder only thinking about what I can do for them . This breaks my heart. I might be dead soon..
I learned to let go and accept feelings
I learned to accept what I’m feeling and not fighting it, accept and let go, let it be without judging