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Befriending Anxiety

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Lyndi Smith
You, Unlimited
Feeling anxious? A practice to help us soothe our struggle with worry and anxiety.
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20 reflections
I learned not to resist what I feel. Step back, see it for what it is and accept/sit with it.
Let go...
It is ok to feel anxiety. Inhale exhale let go. Everything is going to be ok.
Constant companion
Anxiety is always with me every day, be it being anxious at work or being anxious over things like locking the door. I’ve slowly gotten better with anxiety, knowing that it’s okay to feel anxious instead of being mad at myself. Sometimes I wish it wasn’t so bad as it is but it’s just how I am I guess. Being able to accept anxiety though helps with not letting it control your life.
Befriending Anxiety
Such a great lesson. So many times we fight against our feelings. Stressing ourselves even more. I need to acknowledge my feelings. Accept them. Then let it go and move on.
Walter J
Great session on: Accepting - all things as they are and Letting Go - of their control of you. Great reminder that we all have difficult times so we should learn how to deal with them. This practice is a great tool to help us do just that... Accept & Let Go. Also a great reminder we should be the observer of the events around us. Not a judge, nor a victim, but the observer. Very freeing and calming thought and way of life. Namaste, ❤️☮️🍀
I control my anxiety Just let go of the stress, if you can't let it go it will dictate your life. At that point you are not in control of your stress, your stress is in control of you.
Feeling tension leave my body
This was the practice I needed this morning. I could feel the tense go out of my fingers. When my dog came over and insisted on being petted as I was getting started, I did it and didn’t shoo her away. The calm and affection from her was part of what I needed now.
The breathing exercises were better for this one. Idk if it did anything I'm still feeling awful but at least it was better this time. I guess. Idek. I just want to be able to do my job without crying, face all the bs going on without losing my goddamn mind.
Reading your comments make me better
I feel so anxious, I just woke up from a horrible dream that felt so real! It was horrible. And I usually tend to look up dream meanings and it got me even more anxious. I need to stop doing that and start meditating more. This helped. Especially reading through comments.
I actually feel quite less anxious. It’s always so amazing how focusing on something as simple as breathing helps to calm you down
I felt very relaxed and I let go of all the bad thoughts I have had about myself and really helped me a lot
Just being
I’ve been working a lot on accepting what is and allowing feelings to come and go. I’ve been in a constant battle with my anxiety so learning to accept it for what it is has been helpful for me.
I felt very relieved after this meditation.
It is ok to have anxiety, everyone goes though it. Accepting that made me feel a lot better throughout the meditation.
No Denyin’
A good reminder that we can’t just ignore our feelings but instead have to face them, embrace them, then let them go. Namaste
I learned that I can accept that I feel anxious in order to allow its expression and then allow myself to let it go.
Accepting what is
Leaning in to anxious thoughts and feelings helps them dissipate amd melt away.
Distracted Companion
Being anxious has been a part o my world for long and we’ve been playing cat and mouse the whole time. Taking the approach to be with it a companion instead of enemy is a new approach. To sit with it and allow it to speak without judgement, it does calm - its part of my psyche that wants to be acknowledged.
.Where did this meditto redifficult is the next time I mention instead to except that I’m feeling stressed and let it go. I am grateful for the people and or for pr for puttD
Through this meditation I learned to except difficulties and let them go. I will do this the next time I’m stressed without fighting anxious or difficult feelings I am grateful for the people in Aura for helping learn how to let go of difficulties and grateful for the members of the art community for taking the time to read this post. I hope everyone is OK and happy and well.
Let Go
It is important to let go of the things I cannot control and put more focus in to the things I can. It is also extremely important to let go of the anxiety I hold for the people around me. I can not control them, only me. Let it go.
This practice is short but good. It helped me understand that the fight with anxiety makes it worse. Being angry with anxiety makes it worse. We must let go. We must calm. We must learn to live with life’s fluctuations rather than fighting internally and getting angrier.