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Balance To Be Proud Of

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Life Coaching
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Nora Bouchard
Coach, Meditator, Story Teller
This short coaching session plays with the concept of balance by actually getting you to physically balance yourself! Have some fun and learn that maybe, just maybe, the way you are handling work/life balance is something to be proud of!
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I like that this wasn’t about balancing more or better, just being proud of what you are able to balance and do
Balancing Act
Life is a balancing act between work and play. On one foot we have our work life and on the other foot, our personal life. Giving equal attention to both, we find ourselves in balance. It is only when we have an imbalance when we find ourselves in the middle of a tug of war. In this interesting life coaching session, we test this balancing act by standing on both feet and then on one foot while taking note of how it feels in our body. Standing with both feet on the ground, I felt balanced. It wasn’t very difficult to do. However, something happened when I tried to balance on one foot. I immediately noticed my muscles in my foot, ankle and leg were much more engaged than when I stood on both feet. Indeed, my body had to make micro adjustments in order to stay balanced on one foot. After this fun experience, I realized that I must have a firm foundation to stand on, regardless of my circumstances. Having a firm foundation to stand on, I can and will make the little micro adjustments needed to be balanced in this fun adventure we call life. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
I want to stay mindful of being proud of the balance I am achieving and practicing. Thank you for this reminder today. I feel less stressed. Less hard on myself for not doing everything perfectly.