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Balance, Protect and Flow

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Alyssa Luboff, Ph.D.
Philosopher & Meditation Guide
Relax and prepare. This gentle breathing exercise will help you to balance your energy, flow with ease through your daily tasks and feel protected in situations that otherwise make you feel vulnerable or uncomfortable. It is based on the three fundamental principles of energy healing – ground with the Earth, attune to the Sky and bathe yourself in light. Try it as you shift between activities in your day – for example, before starting your morning, diving into work, walking into a meeting, going shopping, returning home or falling asleep.
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5 reflections
Movement of energy
I found when I exhaled I could feel a ton of bad energy downloading to the anchor and the star. Unbelievable!!💕
This was incredible! Loved every minute of it. Felt like I got rid of a lot of stuck energy and am now filled with a much lighter vibration. Will come back to this one again. Thank you! ✨🙏✨
Balance, Protect and Flow
Perfect to balance as I start my day. Beautiful visual guided meditation that leaves me peaceful, illuminated, invigorated and in the space of loving.
I’m using this exercise to help me clear negative energy that I feel attached to me and my space. The visualization is so powerful and the breathes felt so cleansing I ended up continuing the grounding/ clearing protection exercise even when the session was over !
I love this visualization!
I love how the earth energy comes up my spine and the light energy comes down to meet at my heart to create flow. By the end, the flow vibrates my body!