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A Small Town in Ireland

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Ed Roche
Bedtime Stories | Writer | Narrator
Dingle is located in County Kerry - Ireland. It sits right on the Atlantic coast. In this dream story you will travel to this beautiful small town and immerse yourself in a traditional Irish experience. Voiced by Ed Roche who is also from Ireland.
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4 reflections
Loss of Job
I learned that even though I left my job purposefully to focus on school there is still a sense of loss. It is a strange feeling for sure and I know I will be better for it.
Felt like I was back in Dingle
I felt like I was right back in this little town, and getting my first glimpse at the famous dolphin. Such a beautiful place with friendly faces xo
I want to return to Ireland
Lovely stories like this one make my soul feel at rest. It draws me into the moment and helps jog my sense of wonder and imagination—both are so needful and helpful when trying to fall asleep. Good night Fungi.
Terry Livermore
Memories !
Takes me back to the time I cycled The Ring of Kerry with 3 buddies. Beautiful country and beautiful people.