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A Qigong Principle To Limit Overexertion

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Stephanie Lewis (NBC-HWC)
Mindfulness Teacher & Coach
Where in your life are you overdoing it? Learn more about the Qigong principle represented by a movement in the Eight Brocades form (Ba Duan Jin) cautioning against overexertion and considering a few questions for how to reduce the overdoing in your life. For those who are familiar with this form, as you likely know, there are many variations. You may know this movement, for example, as Wise Owl Looks Backward or Wise Owl Gazes Backward to Heal Diseases and Injuries. (Note: This audio is not a discussion of the principles of Chinese medicine.) I also invite you to listen to https://www.aurahealth.io/track/a-qigong-principle-for-managing-energy-stephanie In peace and gratitude, Stephanie
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