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A Loving Hug In Rough Times

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Dr. Livingstone
Dr. Livingstone MD., Ph.D.
Often, we lack a loving embrace, not only in challenging times but especially then. In those moments, we seek and need comfort, affection, support, and a place to lean on. A place that provides us with comfort and security, where we can find peace after a tough moment or when we are upset and yearn for inner calm – then you have chosen the right meditation! Let yourself be surrounded and comforted by this embrace, with soothing sounds and empathetic words, as you feel the power of inner healing. Gift yourself this moment of self-love and find peace in the embrace you need. Here, you'll find solace, love, and sanctuary. Let me be there for you! Your Dr. Livingstone
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2 reflections
Feels so good!
I felt so relaxed and appreciated. It is sometimes really hard being lonely. This meditation is really like a loving embrace and gives hope. The voice is like from an angel, soft and with compassion. Thank you, Dr. Livingstone
Loving Hug 🤗
Wonderful. I'm fresh and renewed at this moment. All is good. I feel divine radiating her golden love all around me. I feel gratitude for the love, support, and contentment given to me. With nothing asked for in return! How beautiful the universe is.