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3 Life Practices That Guarantee Your Happiness

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Dorothy Ratusny
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
I secretly come back to each of these best 'life' practices often, throughout the day. They help to ground me in what is truly important and to live as my highest self. I hope that you will treasure them also. Authentic (genuine) happiness is your natural state. It is what you feel whenever you are present in each moment. Join me in this episode for the practical wisdom to embody each of these three life practices as a conscious and deliberate choice. Namaste💜 dorothy
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6 reflections
I felt like I needed to hear this out loud. I know within me that these 3?practiced are very important
I will learn to use it every day in life. I will come back to listen when I am feeling down and depressed.
It's unbelievable how easy we could be happy, happiness is in us. Although we still keep searching for it on material things or even just looking always for more. Smell the roses, my friend and live the moment. Thank you.
Listening to these life coaching lessons this morning has helped. I felt a bit all over the place when I woke up this morning. I now feel more hopeful for the day and future.
I learned that having and practicing an awareness of truth, love, and appreciation are essential to authentic happiness. I needed these reminders bc I do inherently believe them but seeing them tied together and explained gave me some peace going forward for the week and in relationship to future conversations with myself and others.
To YOU DOROTHY ❤️🦋❤️ Just For being the way you are.. Sharing what works with the Globe, inspiring others with wisdom with a peaceful ways of explanations.. What a relief to witness such beauty🦋 Namaste🌷
Great session, thank you!
can't find the link though you are mentioning, where can I find that link? Thank you so much, Richard
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