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Some of our world-class teachers:

Lauren Ziegler - Aura Health

Lauren Ziegler

Yoga Therapy & Meditation Instructor

“My personal journey of discovering meditation 15 years ago has been closely tied to addressing questions that – for me – sit at the forefront :: What is the point of all of this physical pain? What it is that causes all suffering? How can I find more peace and connectedness in my world? I’m on a devoted path of practicing presence and broadening perspective. This stuff uplifts and empowers in meaningful ways. Sharing the tools with others is my passion. Nothing is more satisfying than witnessing people heal and transform themselves, and ultimately the world around us.”

Christina Sian McMahon

Mindfulness Teacher/University Professor

“After studying meditation for many years in Santa Barbara and doing a week-long health meditation retreat in Bali, I now find that my happiness comes primarily from within, rather than external circumstances. That has been the biggest shift I could have ever hoped for in my life. As a university theatre professor and writer, I incorporate mindfulness into my classes and creative projects. I teach mindfulness classes regularly at the Women’s Center at UC-Santa Barbara, where I encourage students to practice self-compassion in their daily lives. In my other career path, I am an energy healer certified in Reiki, and I’m completing certification now in spiritual counseling and Body Mind Balancing (a grounding technique) at the Lionheart Institute for Energy Healing in L.A.”

Kristy Arbon

Founder/CEO, HeartWorks Training LLC

Kristy is currently the Founder and CEO of HeartWorks Training LLC, a business set up to support people in their practice of mindfulness, self-compassion and shame resilience using the practices of Mindful Self-Compassion, Internal Family Systems, Brene Brown’s shame resilience model, Buddhist philosophy and exploration of archetypes. Kristy is a qualified social worker, a certified Mindful Self-Compassion Teacher and has completed Internal Family Systems Level 1 training. She is passionate about supporting people in taking care of themselves so that they can go out into the world and courageously do the important work they are called for.

Dr. Candice Creasman Mowrey

Therapist & Meditation teacher

Dr. Mowrey has been providing counseling and mindfulness training since 2006. She has been an active meditator since 2005, when she began practicing martial arts and was introduced to Buddhism. She has led meditation groups for veterans with severe mental illness, individuals with chronic pain and addiction, and women who have experienced trauma. Dr. Mowrey recently created a mindfulness program that integrates basic meditation skills with therapy techniques to help people connect daily with joy and be more compassionate towards themselves. Her fundamental philosophy is that true healing happens through awareness of the difference between thinking and experiencing, acceptance of what was and what is, and intentional, compassion-based living.

Lisa Pollard

Senior Meditation Teacher - Meditation Association of Australia

Lisa is a Yoga & meditation teacher with more than 29 years of self-practice and teaching experience in educational, corporate, medical & organizational settings. She has been facilitating 8-week mindfulness-based interventions since 2007, including MBSR, MB-Stillness Meditation & MB-Restorative Yoga. Lisa feels Yoga is an embodies organic practice that explores the inter-connectedness of movement and stillness, in the spirit of self-care. Her open-hearted teaching creates a warm, inviting space to discover the joys of these mind-body practices.

Lisa is particularly interested in the effects of restorative yoga and its application in supporting wellness and reducing stress and anxiety. She teaches weekly yoga classes and has a private practice working theoretically with adults. This work includes 8-week interventions, yoga mentoring and individual self-practice. Lisa has trained in the applications of mindfulness meditation in clinical settings, including MiCBT & advanced Training in ACT.